If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to tie your outdoor space together and create a sophisticated, professionally styled feel, outdoor rugs could be the answer.

Besides looking incredible, outdoor rugs can bring functionality and warmth to your backyard. But how can you be sure to buy the best rug to suit your space, and what should you look for when shopping for one?

We’ve compiled our favorite tips to help you find the perfect addition to your backyard seating or dining area. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of outdoor rugs, how to style them, and more!

Benefits Of Outdoor Rugs

Kid playing with legos on an outdoor rug

They Help Define Your Space

Outdoor rugs are the simplest way to bring a bit of definition to your backyard.

By adding an outdoor rug to your seating or dining area, you can create zones that serve various purposes. Nothing helps tie your outdoor space together like the perfect outdoor rug.

They Can Bring Warmth To Your Backyard

Whether you’re looking to add some warmth for bare feet or create a comfortable setting for the kids to play on, outdoor rugs can bring the cozy feeling of a living room outside.

They’re Stylish And Timeless

Outdoor rugs add a sense of timelessness and style to your outdoor space. They instantly add a “put-together” feel to your home and can even give the impression that your home was professionally styled.

They’re also easy to switch out, so if you’re feeling a little festive or you’re just in the mood for a change, your outdoor space could have a whole new look and feel within minutes.

What To Look For When Shopping For Outdoor Rugs

Large outdoor rugs for outdoor living space

Is It The Right Size And Shape For Your Space?

The first question to ask yourself when shopping for your new outdoor rug is whether it’s the right size and shape for your space.

Before you begin your search, be sure to measure the space where your rug will go so you know your total square footage. Once you know the exact measurements of your space, you can start looking for a rug that fits perfectly.

Consider what kind of furniture you’ll be adding to the space, too. If you’re planning on using your rug to spruce up your outdoor dining area, for example, you’ll want enough room to comfortably pull out the dining chairs on top of the rug.

If it’s a seating area you’re styling, it’s a good idea to choose a rug that will be bigger than your furniture. This can help keep your outdoor space looking proportionate rather than cramped.

Thankfully, every style of Outer rug comes in multiple sizes, so you can save yourself the disappointment of finding your favorite only to discover it doesn’t come in the size you need.

Is It Specially Designed To Live Outdoors?

Now you’re ready to start tracking down your perfect outdoor rug! The keyword here is outdoor — your new rug needs to be specially designed to live outside.

Why? Indoor rugs, as stylish as they might look, simply aren’t made of the durable materials needed to survive outdoor living. While it might be tempting to risk it and buy an indoor rug for outdoor use, we highly recommend against it.

Due to the very nature of living outdoors, your outdoor rug will likely get dirtier much faster than any rugs you have inside your home. On top of the usual spills and messes, you’ve got the added factor of dirt, water, UV rays, and the potential for mold and stains.

All Outer rugs are built to be just as lifeproof and durable as our sofas and sectionals. Thanks to the materials they’re created from (more on that in a second!), they’re naturally stain-resistant and won’t fade in the sun.

Our rugs are also designed to help disguise dirt. The dithering effect and herringbone pattern of our weave helps to keep your outdoor rug looking great all year round (and minimizes how often you’ll need to clean it — a major plus!).

Is It Sustainably Made?

Eco-Friendly outdoor rugs by Outer

A question many buyers might not think of centers around sustainability — what is my new rug actually made of and where do those materials come from?

Most rugs are made from low-grade virgin synthetic fibers which often don’t have much regulation around them when it comes to safety. We wanted to do our part for the planet by ensuring all Outer furniture, including our rugs, is eco-friendly and sustainably made.

How did we do it? We sourced 100% recycled plastic to create our outdoor rugs — the same kind found in soda and water bottles. Our rugs help divert plastic from ending up in landfills and oceans!  

The “1188” in our 1188 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rugs isn’t just a quirky name — it actually represents the number of plastic bottles used to make each Outer outdoor rug.

Depending on the size of rug you choose, you’ll see a different number attached to the name — 441 for our 5x8 size, 882 for our 8x10, and 1188 for our 9x12. Our hope is that these numbers serve as a reminder around the bigger conversation of sustainability.

Rugs that are safe for the environment means they’re also safe for your family — it’s a win-win!

Is It Easy To Clean?

We don’t want to ruin the excitement of buying your new outdoor rug by mentioning cleaning, but let’s face it — your rug is going to need some TLC at some point.

Just how much cleaning your rug requires comes down to which one you purchase, so choose wisely!

Unlike indoor rugs, which tend to soak up spills in the blink of an eye, outdoor rugs are generally better at repelling messes, dirt, and stains. Any rug that you’ll have to scrub regularly just to keep it looking new isn’t the rug for you.

We want Outer rugs to live long, happy lives, so we put them to the test to make sure they’re easy to clean. From deep vacuuming to high-pressure washing, our outdoor rugs can stand up to just about any type of cleaning.

Fortunately, they don’t require much — just a quick vacuum followed by a spot clean with some detergent and water does the trick.

Tips For Styling Your Outdoor Rug

Wicker outdoor furniture with grey and cream colored cushions and pillows

Opt For Neutral Tones

When it comes to purchasing outdoor rugs and furniture, we recommend choosing neutral tones that will allow your staple items to remain timeless and pairable with a variety of colors.

Each of our 1188 Eco-Friendly Outdoor Rugs — which come in Pebble Gray, Seashell Gray, and Sand Dune — were thoughtfully designed in neutral colors so your new rug will look incredible no matter which other shades you pair it with.

Experiment with colorful accessories instead of bright rugs or furniture, and they’ll last you for many years to come without going out of style.

Pair Your Rug With Comfortable Furniture

Speaking of furniture, no outdoor space is complete without a comfortable place to sit! Just like your outdoor rug, we recommend choosing neutral-toned outdoor furniture that’s also stain-resistant to keep your space fresh and ready to use.

For small spaces, options like our 3-Seater Teak Outdoor Sofa or our Wicker Outdoor Loveseat offer just the right amount of seating for entertaining family and friends.

For larger backyards, our 6-Seater Teak Outdoor U Sectional or a lounge set like our Wicker Outdoor Sofa with Armchairs each offer tons of spacious seating for those long afternoons by the pool.

All Outer sofas, sectionals, and armchairs have two neutral color options available to pair perfectly with your outdoor rug. It’s totally foolproof styling, even for those who are new to the world of outdoor spaces!

Add Cozy Accessories

After you’ve chosen your outdoor furniture and laid down your new outdoor rug, the final touches for your outdoor space can be added.

We love fire pits to add even more warmth and functionality to outdoor spaces, not to mention they create an incredible focal point in your backyard seating area.

Bring in some oversized floor cushions to sit on your outdoor rug (a big hit with the kids), along with a few cozy blankets and soft pillows for your couch, and you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor space!

Uplevel Your Outdoor Space With Outer

Kids playing cards while sitting on one of Outers outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are a great way to bring life back outside and recreate that cozy living room feeling right in your own backyard.

Be sure to make your rug selection based on our key questions outlined above, including whether your new rug fits your space, whether it’s sustainably made, and of course, whether it’s specially designed to withstand outdoor living.

From our range of outdoor rugs in neutral tones to our durable (and incredibly comfortable) sofas and sectionals, you can’t go wrong by making the eco-friendly choice to level up your outdoor space with Outer!